Your Dream Bidet

A great lifestlye starts with living hygienically.

A picture of the E'LOO line from the side.


This new Electronic Bidet is what everyone dreams about. At the touch of a button, this marvel of hygiene will wash your tush in just a minute's time. It is also environmentally friendly! E'LOO gives you the best money can buy! Key features include:
  • Antibacterial material
  • UV light to keep it germ free
  • Active carbon deodorizer
  • Separate female and family cleansers
  • Pre-seat warm air dryer
  • Active carbon deodorizer
  • Gentle closing lid

Battery Operated

E'LOO is constantly researching new application methods to improve its product components. E'LOO brings positive hygienic results and protects its owners against unwanted bacterial infections. It is well-established that E'LOO's bidets are suitable for every member of a family and especially practical for use by the elderly and physically challenged. Our latest devices are so hygienic that they eliminate skin infections and sores from hemorrhoids while promoting regular bowel movements!

A picture of the E'LOO line from the front.

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The e'Loo One Touch.


Adjustable water temperature
Uses standard electrical connections
Minimal power consumption
Only $595.00!

The e'Loo 8TY.

Battery Operated

Room-temperature water
Uses standard batteries
Can be installed anywhere
Only $275.00!