E'LOO's Benefits

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A great lifestyle starts with living hygienically. Meaning with nurturing conditions that promote spirit and health, either to prevent disease or to cure the root of the disease and to live a more spiritual life. Spirituality and Hygiene goes hand in hand as many physicians are studying the effectiveness of better hygiene being linked to a positive attitude and a spiritual heart. At E'LOO, we bring a best hygienic solution to your Lifestyle!

This new Powered Electronic Bidet is what everyone dreams about. At a touch of a button, this marvel washes and dries you in minute's time. Imagine that! — Improving our hygienic methods is defining the right road to living healthier and longer! What else beats that!

Product Benefits. E'LOO GLOBAL identifies its products as the most efficient in creating sanitary benefits for bidet users. The latest technological applications created by E-LOO allows for comfort, ease of the product and self containment of many state-of-the-art features. It is considered by many as the most efficient bidet on the market. When it comes to value, E'LOO gives you the best money can buy!

E'LOO State-Of-The-Art Technology. E'LOO has evolved into a prestigious brand with wide international recognition. It is fast becoming the favorite choice of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in western nations. The E'LOO product development team utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology to create the simplest operating experience to fulfill the needs of the whole family. Equipped with its clean design, E'LOO's concept of simplicity is suitable to accommodate most toilet sizes. E'LOO offers ultimate convenience to many diverse needs giving its owner a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

E'LOO for Aesthetics! Blending a creative tender touch of fine art into the rational precision of engineering, E'LOO is dedicated to seek a sound balance between utility and mechanical beauty. Deriving its principles from the needs for human sanitation and natural hygiene, E'LOO serves to accomplish both aesthetics and practicality. Regardless of age, gender or medical stability, E'LOO serves to convey a message of prestige, wellbeing and most of all prevention of health hazards. E'LOO represents the ultimate in style and taste.

E'LOO for Its Proven Health Benefits! E'LOO is constantly researching new application methods to improve its product components. E'LOO brings positive hygienic results and protects its owners against unwanted bacterial infections, yeast infections, hemorrhoids, constipation and other unfriendly diseases. It is well established that E'LOO's bidets are most suitable for every member of a family and especially practical for use by the elderly and physically challenged. Many Published articles by official medical experts confirm the health advantages associated with the daily use of electronic bidets.

Standard Operational Features:

  • Bidet Seat fits Any User
  • Available in both elongated and round configurations
  • Pre-set Level Water Pressure Device
  • Pre-set Warm Seat Temperature Control
  • Pre-set Warm Air dryer
  • Electronic Energy Efficient Device
  • Active Carbon Deodorizer
  • Carbon Air Filter Deodorizer
  • Safety Electrical Detection Device
  • Gentle Closing Lid
  • Seat Body Sensor Activating System
  • UV Light/Eliminates Harmful Bacteria
  • One Touch Activation Button
  • Night Light Device
  • Germ Resistant Poly-Carbonate Seat
  • Family and Lady Warm Water Cleanser
  • Available with Battery function

When it comes to style, quality and technology at its best… E'LOO is a leader in the bathroom and kitchen plumbing product accessories. Luxury usually comes at a price…at E'LOO, we believe in Value for what you pay for. E'LOO Brand name is to be considered as one of the most reputable leaders in the ECO-friendly and environmental markets worldwide. Blending these common daily life activities with a colorful touch of functionality and art, E'LOO has spearheaded the balance between practicality and design. Based on these advantages, E'LOO is now able to compete in the sphere of global competition. Our emphasis is to expand upon the need by improving fundamental hygienic principles.

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The e'Loo One Touch.


Adjustable water temperature
Uses standard electrical connections
Minimal power consumption
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The e'Loo 8TY.

Battery Operated

Room-temperature water
Uses standard batteries
Can be installed anywhere
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